Who Is This Impudent Girl?

Once upon a time,

There lived a dragon slayer and his fire maiden wife.

On a tropical winter afternoon,
the fire maiden gave birth to their first child.

It was a girl.
Who grew up knowing what all fire beings know:
that souls are suns trapped in clay vessels
And that the only way for these sun-souls to find their way back into the sky
is to treat their vessels like cocoons
– a space deeper than space
Where the boundaries of Being must constantly be pushed and altered.

The couple named her after a ballet and a Sunday comic strip.

As the years went by,
the dragon slayer and fire maiden had three more children.
A healer, a sage and a chimoushu Overlord.

Theirs is a glorious history.

One filled with gameboys and Bombermen.
Impeachments and indian mangoes.
Fres and tidak fres.

Their history was also filled with fire,
because they were beings of fire.

When the children were no longer children,
they were asked to blaze a trail into the future
using flames inherited from their parents.

The healer left to live with the people das mariñas
 and used hers to burn midnight oil
-fuel needed to perfect the art of healing.

The sage and the chimoushu Overlord travelled to Telon
and used their flames in heated Vanguard battle.
(because they’re nerds)

The girl stayed behind
to battle a demon named Thesis
and to figure out what the hell she was going to do with her life.

On an Epic Wish Night
she accidentally set the sky on fire.
Then she did it again
on the day the world was supposed to end
Because she realized it was fun to make it bun.

{to be edited & continued}


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