Minato, Tokyo

Minato was the first to greet us.  And the last to say goodbye.  He offered us lodging at The Grand … More

Chiyoda, Tokyo

I didn’t a chance to get to know Chiyoda as well as I wanted to, but I hear she’s majestic.  She’s … More

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Shibuya is a rockstar titty deep in cool. It’s impossible not to be insanely popular when you happen to be one … More

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

I spent the Holy Week weekend in Japan with my dad, brothers and sister. According to Wikipedia (the most trustworthy … More

Beach Break – Stories

Beach Break | February 22nd | Day 3 Surfing finals, frisbee tournament, volleyball exhibition match, beach party Might as well … More

Boracay Business Trip

I went to Boracay when February was middle aged.  I went for a middle aged reason; a business trip. Wait, … More